Cut articles automatically with expaper autocut

With expaper, you can search ePaper PDFs for relevant articles and clip them electronically. The finished clipping is used for press reviews and archives.

expaper autocut automates the process of article clipping and is therefore of particular interest to media observers and publishers: the entire ePaper is broken down into individual articles in just a few minutes and exported as an article PDF with all relevant metadata.

expaper autocut enables and optimises digital processing and thereby extends the digital value creation process.

As a media observer, you deliver individual articles in their original format and all associated metadata as well as the full text, either as an excerpt or as a wrapped clipping. These can be used for AI-based analysis systems as well as for press review deliveries.

As a publisher, you supply marketing portals, archives and websites with extracted articles in a wide variety of output formats, thereby generating additional revenue.

Use the segmentation techniques also for the retro-digitisation of scanned newspapers, and integrate OCR and keyword matching into the process.

To ensure the highest quality standards, we have developed an integrated control and correction workflow that makes recognition results transparent and allows them to be optimised with just a few mouse clicks. This work can be outsourced to global partners to make the most of the global potential available..

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