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Professional services for your individual

One of our long-standing core competences is the development and improvement of scan and OCR applications. Take advantage of our expertise in image recognition and PDF analysis for your individual conversion requirement.

We convert your analogue texts into the
digital age.

Books, magazines, newspapers, image files … We transfer printed material into PDF, texts or tables. So that you can continue to work with it comfortably.

Retro-digitisation of newspapers, journals, annual reports and magazines.

Protect valuable paper stocks from damage. Whether publishing archives or library collections, we understand what is at stake, because the challenge lies in the detail. We rely on the highest quality and the best technical know-how. This is how we create the greatest possible freedom from errors for you – because a “poduct” is not a “product”.

We break down your newspapers into small articles.

With our revolutionary article analysis, we automatically break down your epaper issues into individual articles and provide you with XML data and article PDFs. Making your valuable historical archive usable.


  • Retrospective digitizing of books, documentations, magazine and newspaper archives
  • Full text output with/without correction
  • Structuring in tables
  • Scan/OCR conversions into searchable PDFs
  • Scanning of documents. Indexing. Barcode recognition
  • Clipping of newspaper articles
  • Creation of weekly and monthly press reviews of supplied articles
  • Capture of books in Fraktur typeface
  • Automatic splitting of ePaper PDFs into individual articles
  • Output in almost any target format
  • In-house conversion of confidential documents

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