The universal platform for your multimedia press review

Simple, fast and easy – that’s how media review production works with newsweb. Thanks to perfectly arranged interfaces, you can now get going. With clippings and digital articles. Optimally prepared and delivered as PDF, mobile or to the webportal. And nothing will be forgotten: newsweb is also your full text archive!

Choose your sources

Your platform for epaper, dpa/Factiva, online, radio/TV and social media.
All under one roof.

Use your channels!

Deliver the media review to where it is read: as a PDF, mobile, in the portal – or personalized.

No workarounds!

One wheel meshes with the other. Neatly
co-ordinated processes avoid superfluous work.

Speed up communication and
decision-making processes.

Flexible filters guide you to exactly those articles that are important for your readers. Now just define the press review output and you’re done in no time!

Show your individual strength

Use flexible tools to make the media review a perfectly designed information product.

Save cash

Recipient-specific press reviews, link newsletters, editions for different groups of readers – many components lead to cost-effective copyright billing solutions.

Working with newsweb

newsweb is your professional platform for the daily creation of your media review. The software processes a wide variety of input formats, compiles the articles in a uniform layout and illustrates the press review exactly the way you want it. And by the way: newsweb is also your press archive!
Use these convincing possibilities for optimal and efficient work!

Get started easily with expaper and webcapture

Cut out epaper articles easily with expaper.
Take news directly from the internet? Social media? Press databases? webcapture makes life easy.

Core-Performance with newsweb

From input to output with your optimal workflow. Process any news into your media review in your corporate design. Delivered as PDF, email newsletter or optimized for mobile reading.

Personalized in corporate design

Personalized press reviews are created automatically and content is delivered to specific recipients. Also into the webportal.

With fulltext to press archive

newsweb can do even more: The integrated press archive function bundles your content in a full-text searchable database.


Benefit from optimal management of a wide variety of sources and output formats. The newsweb database stores the mix of articles from epaper PDFs, online content (Internet, ticker), as well as digital articles from press databases (e.g. Factiva). The output is either a PDF, an email newsletter, a mobile edition or an export into your webportal.


  • Import sources:
    Scan / ePaper clippings
    Online-Content (Internet, Ticker, Radio/TV, Social Media)
    Digital articles from online databases (PMG Presse-Monitor / Factiva)
    Media monitoring organisations (MMO)
  • Easy filtering by days and meta data
  • Post-attribution with clear input mask
  • SetBox with automatic pre-sorting of articles
  • Press review preview with live editor (Composer)
  • Automatically generated arrangement of clipped and digital articles
  • Automatic word wrap
  • Cross-page text flow
  • Arrangement of multiple articles / page
  • Convenient moving of articles
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails
  • Automatic and manual highlighting / underlining of keywords
  • Manual modification of tables of contents and comments before production


  • Complete PDF with cover page and table of contents, also for printing on paper
  • Intranet with linked article overview
  • Newsletter edition via email
  • User-friendly output on mobile devices — in responsive design (option “mobile”)
  • webportal, archives and CMS systems
  • Automatically produced recipient-specific editions ( option “personalized”)
  • Reports for billing with license rights organisations
  • Integrated ftp transfer


  • Full text search with truncations (option “full text”)
  • Field-by-field search with Boolean expressions
  • Output of dossiers and special press reviews.

Technical specifications

  • PC Pentium Core i5
  • ≥ 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics ≥ 1 GB RAM
  • 64-bit architecture. Explicit multiprocessor support
  • Database support SQLite (MS-SQL option)
  • Scripting Support (.Net4.x/C#) for workflow optimization
  • Operating System Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016
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