Why Software-as-a-Service?

Strong arguments for a strong software

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a licensing and distribution model that delivers software applications through the cloud.

DataScan also offers its professional software as a cloud-based solution. This gives you access to the digital media verification tools you need, anytime, anywhere. You benefit from an all-round package including maintenance, updates and support. No need for your own hardware infrastructure. No need for your IT department to provide support or maintenance.

  • 1. Flexibility of the original product
  • 2. Outstanding ease of use
  • 3. Use at any number of workstations
  • 4. Uninterrupted availability around the clock
  • 5. Relief for your IT department
  • 6. Reduced IT costs
  • 7. Automatic updates
  • 8. Monthly cancellability

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